Ogden City cut down our 40-year-old tree without notifying us or our neighbors and left a mess clogging up our storm drains. It’s been 3 months and they still have not cleaned it up or offered to plant a replacement. They continue to ignore phone calls, emails and pleas from all the neighbors.

Ogden City Water has contaminated our drinking water lines after multiple repair projects without notifying residents who subsequently ingested this contamination. They then ignored multiple requests to test the contaminated water for toxins. The sandy sediment in the water also plugged up water regulators and sprinkler systems, requiring several hundred dollars of repairs.

Not only where we not compensated but they have repeatedly failed to respond to these concerns or even return phone calls. City commissioners and the Ogden City mayor have also ignored all attempts to request compensation or even provide an explanation. They have also ignored requests to clean up dry wood debris surrounding homes, which is a severe fire hazard.

Considering how much we pay in utilities and how large Ogden City management salaries are, you would think they would provide these basic services to the community. I guess giant monopolies like Ogden City have no competition and therefore no reason or motivation to provide basic customer service to Ogden residents.

Stephen Cooke


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