After listening to the mayoral debate between Mike Caldwell and Angel Castillo, I have come to believe that Caldwell is not the mayor Ogden needs. The mayor showed up at this debate unprepared and out of touch with with real issues such as affordable housing, sidewalks, and the public safety of Ogden moving forward. Caldwell seems to relish talking about things that happened yesteryear instead of a vision to move Ogden forward.

I personally reached out to the mayor about a noise complaint that I and a few others are having and this simple problem for a mayor is still ongoing after four years. On the streets of Ogden the mayor has earned the nickname of anti-renter Mike, due to his stance on housing. Ogden has about 60% of the population living in rental properties, yet all this mayor seems to care about is single-family housing and that’s where he wants Ogden to be, not reality.

Angel Castillo presented good solid answers and had the facts to back up what she said! I am convinced that we need a mayor for all the people. The current administration likes to help out the businesses which is fine, but fails in its treatment of the regular residents who are the heart and soul of Ogden Utah. Ogden we need a change! We payed this mayor a lot of money with little results. Let’s get out and vote and take charge of Ogden's destiny for the future.

John Rambo


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