I was excited to find out that the Ogden City Council made Mark Saal’s “Nice List” this year regarding the honorary street naming designation. Dr. Forrest Crawford, former Council member Jessie Garcia, and the Ogden Diversity Commission worked hard to accomplish the completion of honorarily naming both 30th Street with Caesar Chavez’s name and 24th Street with Martin Luther King, Jr’s. name. This was long overdue and their persistence throughout the years has been a patient undertaking.

Since this is the second time that Mark Saal has mentioned the honorary street designation not extending to the east bench, I wanted to reply to set the record straight.

When both Dr. Crawford and Jessie Garcia first approached the council, they suggested the extensions and the opportunity for the council and mayor to fill in the gaps on both 30th and 24th street. At the time, details as to where the continuation of the naming could go was laid out and discussed among myself and other council members.

After the council, administration and the Diversity Commission reviewed the opportunities, it was discovered starting east of Harrison there were already naming designations on both 30th and 24th street. “Tiger Way” and “Jayhawk Way” were already in existence and therefore there was not an opportunity to extend Caesar Chavez or Martin Luther King, Jr. streets any further east.

The Ogden City Council worked with many community members to realize a longtime goal. We are proud to continue to make Ogden a more inclusive and diverse community and are looking forward to a ribbon cutting event in the spring for the honorary sign designations. We will work to make Mark Saal’s “Nice List” again next year and know there was nothing nefarious about not extending the naming to the east bench. We will continue to do the work to make Ogden the place we call home.

Marcia L. White

Ogden City Council Member

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