The last conversation I had with a dear friend before I learned of her suicide was about how she missed going to her Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ward and how she longed to return. But was afraid too, because she knew her bishop would be required to excommunicate her and her wife. She expressed to me how horrible she would feel to bring that shame upon her large active Latter-day Saint family. A person should not be placed in the awkward position of being forced to choose between their spouse and their church and family tradition.

I want my friend back! I wish all our LDS LGBTQ youth and young adults that died of suicides in Utah back also.

My friend was the most Christlike person I ever knew. She took homeless people home until she had no more rooms for them. She lived Christ's teachings literally.

President Nelson, every time we have General Conference now we have an immediate rise in these suicides. Two the weekend after Elder Oaks spoke. President Nelson, please drop the awful November 2015 LGBTQ Excommunication & Discontinuation of LGBTQ Children’s Church Blessings and Baptism Policy, so we can reduce the loss of these precious lives?

Cheryl Nunn


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This may be an unpopular view but as someone who has spent time in a psych ward I feel I have authority to talk. .. The vast majority of depression and sucididal behavior is not do to bullying it is due to internal struggles not until we realize what causes these issues we can not fix them.


Thank you so much for posting this letter. As a person that has worked for suicide prevention for almost 50 years, I know what you are saying is true. I’m so sorry for your loss.


My hat is off to you, Ms. Nunn, for your courage and compassion. I join you in asking for this horrific policy to end. There is no place for our LGBT loved ones in the so called church.


Thank you for your bravery, Ms. Nunn. The pain and loss is real and urgent. Too many suffer in unnecessary fear, guilt and shame.

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