Dear Mike, Mitt, Chris, Rob, John and Ben,

When I read the Robert Mueller report, I came to a determination of my own quite quickly. I’m assuming that you have all read either the complete report or at least its executive summaries. Mitt and Mike who have publicly stated that they have read the entire report, this one is especially for you.

These questions should not be anything new, because I have asked these questions of all of your offices in written form and over the phone dozens of times, so by now I would think that you should have an answer ... after almost six months ... on such an important issue.

Yet, surprisingly, none of you have made any definitive public statements regarding the president’s misconduct.

Why not?

Chris Stewart’s office told me that I did not have a right to know what Chris Stewart’s determinations were! Is that your position Chris? I don’t have a right to know what you were thinking about possibly the most important issue facing our nation today?

We have the right to an answer for the following questions:

What are your determinations on all 10 instances of obstruction of justice? Witness tampering? Campaign finance violations? Violations of the emoluments clause? Additionally, what rationale and justification did you use to come to these determinations?

Is it too much for constituents to ask that their elected leaders ... lead?

Stop stonewalling us, we demand an answer to these questions because it is our right!

Sam Dixon

Salt Lake City

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