A lot of my fondest memories occurred at Pineview Reservoir. For most of my life I have found recreation in the Ogden Valley. Last Friday it was truly weird to see Pineview totally vacant. Pineview is the recreation gem of Weber County. Algae blooms are something to take seriously. Although Pineview is a county gem it is basically owned by Ogden. Ogden has the water rights and is solely concerned with culinary water delivery. In 1968 untreated water entered the drinking water pipes. The city's solution was chlorine which ended up killing most of the trout. In the early '70s a lot of work was done to cap and drill artesian wells. This helped to insure that cool well water would no longer flow into the reservoir.

Now the first canary has died in this coal mine. Perhaps it is time to drill or uncap some of this cool artesian water and allow it to flow into the reservoir. Extensive improvements to the Ogden treatment plant should enable the city to give up some of this cool water. If this saves Pineview then it would be well worth the price.

Lynn J Wood


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Merely a symptom of the disease named overpopulation.

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