So we endure another government shutdown. Albeit a partial one. These are not uncommon and if the media doesn’t bring up the struggles of civil service employees nobody gives it much thought. It might being unsettling to think that you might be considered “non-essential”.

Eighty-six percent of federal government spending is automatic, so regular payments are being made. To service the massive debt, Medicare, Social Security, welfare just to name a few.

I worked for the federal government in the 1970s when, during the Carter administration, the government was shut down every year (four times) for an average of 11 days each time. I later went to work in the private sector where we had a union and an accompanying labor contract. The contract had to be renewed every three years. During the renewal negotiations, the non-management employees would be furloughed. No one knew how long the “shut down” would last (sometimes for three weeks) and we never got reimbursed for lost pay. That is how the “real world” works. It was well advised to prepare by using prudent money handling practices between contact expirations so we could survive the furlough. Current workers, anywhere, would serve themselves well to apply such techniques in their own lives. In other words, plan ahead.

I understand that being unsure of when the next paycheck will arrive is very stressful. I’ve been there. Planning ahead helped me immensely.

The sooner that Nacy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are willing to move off their open borders stance, the sooner this will end. It’s not the amount of money that is an issue ($5 billion) that amount is less than 4 percent of the amount budgeted and even less when you take into account how much the federal government spends in total, yearly, by way of deficit spending.

Keep in mind, this is not about legal immigration but illegal immigration. We need to maintain our sovereign borders. No borders, no country.

Kelly Moore


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