I would like to voice my support for the police officers in our community and state. They have an unappreciated job. They risk their lives daily as public servants. Their work benefits all of the community whether the public recognizes it or not. Police officers do not get rich in this profession. While not all police officers are exemplary, I believe most are. They try to do the best that they can under difficult circumstances. They deal with things that the ordinary citizen would rather not have to face. The possibility that it might be necessary to take another human being's life in the line of duty is something that police officers realize and take very seriously. The blanket anger and animosity directed toward police officers seems to be the same kind of prejudice that is being protested about: people want to be fairly judged not for the group that they are in, but for the individuals they are and their own actions. The short-sighted idea of de-funding the police would put society at a greater risk than it already is experiencing. The criminal element would be freer to do what they desire to do. At this point in time there are not enough police officers to take care of the duties that they are required to do. In America we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but the media has taken to the practice of vilifying the police in the headlines. We don't read about the numerous other incidents where the police resolve the issues quietly. The media needs to generate income. Controversy works and boring doesn't, so we don't hear about those cases. I am grateful for those men and women who risk their lives for us each day and I believe that they deserve more thanks and gratitude for the job they do to make our communities and state a better and a safer place to live.

Sharalyn Christensen

West Point

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