Sixty-six years ago I carried a rifle in Korea. I have a card in my wallet that says I served. If I show it to a business I would likely get a “Thank you for your service” comment and maybe a small discount on my purchase. If I buy a meal or a ski ticket, I’m honored for something I did a long time ago.

I would not be so bold as to bring out that card if I was having a meal with a law enforcement officer (policeman). They don’t have a respect card, yet they are on the front line every day. Surely there is a way for businesses to say thank you for your service as a police officer. I’m honored that the police stand guard over my freedoms: 24x7. If you agree or are a business owner who wants to recognize law enforcement; call your town’s mayor and, in a sense, join the “band of brothers.” There are far fewer police than military veterans and I don’t believe the financial impact on a business would be that great. I even doubt the officers would wave the card. Remember, they are there when you need them and remember their spouses who have to watch them walk out the door in the morning.

Jay Hudson

South Ogden

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