It has been a problem with traffic and signage for almost a year on Washington Boulevard. I actually wrote an article about this many months ago and, once again, was promptly ignored. I have even filed a complaint with the police "chief" and left him a message or two. His secretary said she would pass it on. It got passed, alright.

I will repeat myself to help out city officials that ignore and pass the buck on my issues.

I walk a lot, ride bikes, even been on a scooter a few times. In the course of a year, I have almost been slaughtered on the streets 15-20 times. Some real close calls. Some of my problems are transportation issues, some are police.

No arrows on the streets. Cars turn full speed off and on Washington Boulevard. The police have pointed out this is a transportation issue, though many times I have walked three or four miles in the city and not seen one cop. My last complaint, I had two policemen come to my house and jaw jack like they actually cared for 40 minutes. One of the cops gave me his card, said call if I can ever help out. I did call three times. Turns out he got promoted up (Ogden does that a lot with failure) and didn't figure out the voicemail forwarding thing. That is pretty professional. I can understand him moving up the ladder.

A year later, no improvements on lights with arrows, no urgency sent to stop at signs or lights. No police presence. Nonstop drag racing going on and I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYONE EVEN GET CHASED ON ONE! I guess it really is the Wild West. Extremely loud mufflers and, also, never seen a ticket issued to anyone. Not that there is a policeman in a country mile on most blocks.

We need to address issues. Law and order is needed. No more buck passing.

Larry Hinze


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