Clear vision in the coming election year is needed to sort out the confusion and rancor currently existing. There is so much “news” that is not trustworthy and conflicting stories pop up daily making it nearly impossible to know what is real news. So let’s be clear about a few things starting at the top with President Trump who is loved and hated by about the same number of citizens. His detractors point to his faults and some believe he is the devil incarnate, a few even suggest that he should be killed, a smaller number offering to do the deed. President Trump has a style much different than any of his predecessors. He can be somewhat crude in language and his braggadocio, rambling style can be off-putting. His hairstyle seems to offend the coiffed sensitive. He can be difficult to like even by people of the same political persuasion. And that’s OK.

However, and this is critical, he is a pragmatist and believes in getting results, the right results and keeping promises when it comes to our National well-being. This may be his one saving grace, without it he would have no chance of being re-elected. His long and rambling campaign events would not draw the huge crowds if his supporters did not think that real progress is being made.

Trumps opponents, of which there are many including main stream media, know his strengths and that it doesn’t appear there will be a significant change in the coming year - this is why they have been frantically pushing one “scandal” after another, they know they don’t have a current candidate or one in the wings who can stop Trump.

We can’t have clarity of vision for America unless we address some of the apparitions of the past primarily those of his opponents. This includes the roles of President Obama, the Clinton's, the Biden's and other individuals and agencies that appear to have been involved in skulduggery of one form or another which focused on questionable dealings that lined their pockets or would undermine the incoming Presidential Administration.

John W. Reynolds

Pleasant View

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