A disturbing voting trend is emerging in Weber County and it needs addressed immediately. The last few election cycles have shown a greater interest in voter turnout. With political topics being of such contention along with their candidates, it's a bit surprising our county auditor didn't see the writing on the wall. I don't understand why there are so few polling stations available during such active political years. It almost feels that our elected officials are purposefully making the election process more difficult than is needed. For some reason I never received a mail-in ballot this year. And my attempts to try and vote were nearly circumvented by the inability to find any parking for hours. This has been an extremely frustrating process that I know other voters have felt. Our officials need to open more polling locations to allow us a better opportunity to exercise our god given right to vote. Working full time already makes it difficult to vote. Making polling locations limited makes it nearly impossible.

Jared Legge


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No reason not to vote!


Sorry to hear it was a tough election day. However they do allow early voting, at polling places for many days prior to the election. Usually the 'long lines' and busy polling places on election day are something that can be avoided with minimal planning ahead.

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