No matter how many problems come up, he has solved them all, ever since he was elected president back in 2016. The Democrats have been trying to impeach him for three years. He has just ignored them and he has taken care of nearly all of the problems. He just keeps on doing all the things that he said he would do after he was elected.

The Democrats can not figure out how he can do everything that he has done. And now he has this (COVID-19) which has gone worldwide. President Trump appointed his vice president to take charge and he has chosen the right people to help him. This problem will be solved. However, everything has changed suddenly. I am 85 years old, and I have been grounded. I cannot even leave my apartment to go to the grocery store. My three daughters and my son have told me that if I need something, they will get it for me.


Alfred Swainston Cordon


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