In the March 20 letter to the editor titled Just Another Sickness by Jim Tsakalos, he said he “never realized how stupid and wimps the people of the USA have become… over this virus which is a mild strain of the flu. There have been 1500 people who have died in the world and 15 in the USA. Hundreds of thousands of people die every day from cancer, heart attacks, pneumonia, COPD, etc.”

He is correct that we do not panic about the hundreds of thousands of people that die every day from cancer, heart attacks, pneumonia, COPD, etc. The reason we do not panic over these particular health conditions is that we have a great deal of knowledge about them. We know very little about the coronavirus other than the contagion rates documented and the White House disinformation associated with it; hence the apprehension, but not necessarily a panic. I assume Mr. Tsakalos checked his figure of 15 USA dead caused by the coronavirus within the last week. The latest figure I saw today was 237 USA dead. That is an increase of 16 fold in USA dead within one week. If we have the same increase of USA deaths next week, it will be about 3745 dead. Keep multiplying by the same magnitude for the next several weeks until the virus is brought under control and what do you have? I would ask Mr. Tsakalos what percentage increase of USA deaths of cancer, heart attacks, pneumonia, COPD, etc. occurred within the past week?

President Trump has defended the federal government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, saying that his administration has handled the crisis well considering “nobody knew there would be a pandemic or epidemic of this proportion. Nobody has ever seen anything like this before.” Research “Crimson Contagion” -- a Center for Disease Control led exercise last summer that highlighted the problems that the federal government is struggling to handle now.

Richard Keckler

North Ogden

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