Reference "Letters to the Editor" of April 27, 2020, “An epidemic that’s not COVID-19”. John Reynolds is an accomplished writer. I’ve read his stuff for years. He’s finally reached a tipping point with his clever array of misinformation. Being a good wordsmith, he has assembled a number of myths to seem factual, allowing some to think they might now know the truth. Mr. Reynolds seems obsessed with the idea that we have an administration that finally can combat the many evils created by past authorities and by the conspiratorial left. We are in desperate times. We’ve turned people against one another.

This sort of thing proves that clandestine conspiracies are again on the rise. Fortunately, we still have available to us a system of science and of data-based facts. All we need do is source them out.

I have three recommendations for Mr. Reynolds: (1) Look into your extensive repertoire of words and phrases and come up with some valid uses for — sociopath, psychopath, sadist, misogynist, civility, naiveté, impulsiveness, denial, disturbed, subversive, deep rabbit-hole, dark places. Integrate these into your pieces, but with less confined thinking. (2) Turn off Fox and try PBS, CNN, and NPR, anything else. (3) Read something that factually inclined journalists produce, such as “The American Story” by David Rubenstein. This is a series of interviews with award-wining authors who research their stuff.

Ivan Adams


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