I read with great interest a recent letter regarding Utah State drivers ... so very true. I live in Weber County.

Recently, I was called to the VA Hospital in Salt Lake City, a terrible travel day.

Freeways were covered in most places with standing water as indicated by huge electric signs all across the freeway.

As a young man I drove in hard top races so I understand the physics of autos traveling on water (or ice) at high speeds. No matter how one describes it, to "hit the brakes at high speeds in standing water" is very much like doing the same on ice ... there is no control at all.

I drove as near the speed limit in the far right lane as I thought even remotely safe and was passed by all traffic throwing water as much as two stories high. Most car bodies (other than large trucks) were not even visible in the spray of disturbed water.

I got through the day with little trouble but was exhausted.

In my mind, if just one of those vehicles were to lose control, a pile-up would occur that the movie industry could not begin to duplicate involving any number of other stunt units.

At least, from the far right lane, I could have hit for the fences almost instantly.


Jim Morkin

Uintah City

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