I’m a confused Republican. I’m hoping my Trump-supporting fellow Republicans can help me out.

When Pres. Trump ran for office, he swore that Hillary Clinton was a crook. He even led his followers in chanting, “Lock her up.” But now, four years later, she is still free and hasn’t even been indicted for a single crime. Then, my Trumpian friends swore to me that there was a child-molesting ring involving top Democrats that Pres. trump would reveal and prosecute. Yet here we are at the end of his term without a single victim found nor a single Democrat indicted. In recent months, these same friends, based on statements by Pres. Trump or his personal lawyer, said Pres.-elect Biden was guilty of massive corruption involving his son in the Ukraine and then that Hunter Biden had turned states’ evidence against his father in a case involving millions in bribes in China. Yet the election came and went without a single indictment. Now my Trump-supporting friends swear the election was rigged and stolen through massive fraud committed by the Democrats. Yet no evidence has been presented, numerous court cases have been dropped or lost, and there have been several recounts contradicting these charges.

So either the Democratic Party is the most powerful entity in history about to commit massive crimes while leaving no trace, even pulling in Republican ballot counters, Republican governors, Republican states’ attorneys general, Republican states’ auditors, the FBI, the Justice Department, the NSA, even the Attorney General of the United States into their diabolical plots without their knowledge, or President Trump is a totally incompetent president who can’t catch anybody committing the most heinous of crimes right under his nose, or President Trump is a liar about virtually everything his followers believe.

So, Republican National Committee; so, Sean Reyes; so, Sen. Mike Lee — which is it?

Donald Carper


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