The Utah Republican Party has sent out deceptive text messages to the voters in District 10, lying to voters about Representative Lou Shurtliff's record.

The Republican Party is stooping so low that they are willing to lie to the voters in order to bash Rep. Shurtliff for voting against a bill that even her Republican opponent is vehemently opposed to.

Rep. Shurtliff spoke on the House floor about how terrible the tax reform package would be for Utah families. Representative Shurtliff understands, listens to, and legislates on behalf of her constituents, and always has.

This is a disgusting, deceptive, and misleading attack from the Republican Party in Utah. If they truly cared about the interests of Utah families, they wouldn't have passed a regressive tax reform bill in the first place. When Utahns decided it was a bad bill, they sprang into action with a referendum that would have overturned the legislature’s plan — forcing them to repeal their original bill.

I urge the voters of District 10 to re-elect Representative Shurtliff, and I urge them to condemn the unjustified lies and attacks against her record.

Zach Thomas

Chairman, Weber County Democratic Party


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