Sen. Mitt Romney is busy chasing headlines, saying he is "concerned" about President Donald Trump's phone call with the president of Ukraine. Fine, Romney dislikes Trump. But why has he not shown any interest in the conduct of Joe Biden? Biden is on video bragging about his time as vice president when he forced Ukraine to fire their prosecutor investigating his son, Hunter Biden, who made millions of dollars on a corrupt deal. He was also involved in a very shady deal that directly involved Joe Biden using the office of vice president to enrich his family, and should be investigated.

Why isn't Romney concerned about that? Sort of like he should be concerned about Sen. Harry Reid saying that Romney should not be elected president because he "had not paid taxes for 10 years." Then Reid bragged that he helped Romney lose. Where is Romney's concern about Democrats' lies and scandals. Wise up Mitt.

Mike Barton


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