With the large number of Utah people voting for Sanders, it makes me wonder about their knowledge of history, reality and of our Constitution.

Sanders Clause proposes to have the government pay for everything for the people, including free college, free payback of all student loans, paying medical expenses, providing housing and much more. Eliminating all fossil fuels, allowing open borders and such would have a devastating impact on American life.

Who do you think is going to pay for all this? The government? The government has no money. The money is the taxpayers!. All this will come out of our pockets. Taxing the rich to do all this is impossible without destroying the whole economic base of our country.

There are so many examples in the world where socialism has failed and ruined the hard fought freedoms of their people. Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia and North Korea all ended up taking away the freedom their people enjoyed.

Hollywood and the liberal media think that Socialism is the best way to go. They do not realize that under socialism the government dictates what subject material can be presented. Remember the propaganda office established in Germany? The same is currently true in China.

Wake up, Utah and America.

Richard M. Allen


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