It has recently come to my attention that the B-47 jet bomber at the Hill Air Force Base Museum is slated to be scrapped. The aircraft is in need of repair and restoration and the $250,000 needed to save it could not be raised. This is a sad day for our community. This is one of only 23 remaining B-47s of the 2,032 originally built. It is a veteran of the Cold War, but like many veterans, now that its service is past, it is to be cast off and forgotten. Already parts have been removed for use on other aircraft. Soon the scrappers torch will reduce to just so much scrap metal.

Why is it we do not appreciate what we have until it is gone? The World War II veteran USS Enterprise (CV-6), the greatest warship this nation ever produced, was lost to the scrappers torch in a similar situation to our B-47 here. We all proclaim with our lips support for our heritage, but when it comes to our pocketbooks, we are strangely silent. Let us come together to save this artifact of our heritage before it is too late!

Roy Stewart


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