Three years ago or so, our Legislature increased the gas tax by five cents to repair roads because they did not want to receive any federal funding. Now, they want another 10 cent increase! I’m all for education, our children, and anything that goes along with educating our children, but the school district needs to tighten their belts and see where they can save money.

This amendment, if it passed, will penalize those living in rural Utah, especially those who travel long distances for work. Any increased transportation costs of goods, groceries, furniture, feed, livestock, etc., will have a drastic effect on our wallets. It’s a domino effect. It will cost approximately $30 more every time a semitrailer truck driver fuels up, $3 for a pickup and $1.50 for a regular sized car.

It’s time to stop! Those on fixed incomes, which is most of us, would rather have money in our pockets to buy food, than in the pockets of those who abuse tax money.

I was somewhat appalled by the first advertisement during the Saturday morning LDS General Conference which was Gail Miller (owner of the Utah Jazz) pleading with us to vote for this increased tax. She can afford it! Then our own Gov. Gary Herbert came on supporting the tax as well. He can also afford it!

Do not vote for an increased gas tax. We the citizens cannot afford it, especially in rural Utah.

Arthur Douglas


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In Dec 2015 the State gasoline tax was 24.5 cents per gallon. In Jan 2016 it went to 29.4 cents per gallon. In Jan 2019 it goes to 30 cents per gallon. And with the proposal it will then go to 40 cents per gallon. That will equate to a 63% increase in State gasoline taxes in 4 years. And with out Tax surplus every year - they still want to raise taxes? And the cost is more than $4.50 per month or whatever they are advertising. Every product or service you buy will go up in cost because of the gas tax. EVERY product or service. Plus - those in rural parts of the State that have to travel longer distances for products or services will have to burn more gasoline thus costing more. Absolutely NO on this proposal. And if it goes through and the Legislature passes the gasoline tax, regardless of party affiliation, we need to start removing those that supposedly represent us - because they obviously do not.


I share your views, Utah has way way way to many school districts I would love to see a fix of only one school district per county! Stop paying for the admin state... Texas school districts take over whole counties sometimes multiple and the education I received there was top notch!


I totally agree. And when will we get to a point that people with large families will actually have to provide for their education, rather than people like me who only raised one child and am now on a fixed income?


I absolutely agree with you Arthur Douglas! I’m so tired of being asked to give the schools and teachers more money, more money, more money! And the next year they are right back asking for more! If you drive a tiny, teeny car then maybe it would only cost you four dollars a month, but if you drive a truck because you work hard for a living, it will be a lot more expensive than that. Even if it is a dime on month, NO MORE TAXES!!!!!

Max Cady

Gayle Miller who demands and receives millions of dollars in Tax Breaks, for their dealerships, and for remodeling the Jazz Arena wants Utahns to pay more
Talk about the privilege of the rich

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