The other day, I watched “Christmas Carol” which we all have. In the movie, it tells about the change that Ebenezer Scrooge had in his mind and in his heart. This novel by Charles Dickens was published on December 19th in 1843. The “Christmas Carol” is watched by many even today. Today, we all have had several Ebenezer Scrooge experiences in our life and hopefully can learn from it to improve our life and others. Let me relate to you the experience that I had while shopping at a local grocery store. I was standing in line to check my items out too pay for them. An older couple was in front of me also checking out their items. The clerk was ringing the items and came to a total amount. The couple was paying with cash and the amount of cash wasn’t enough. They had to put back several items. The couple was still short by $30.00. They were looking at what other items they could put back. A “Good Samaritan” that was behind me in line stepped up and covered the $30.00. This is how the “Ebenezer Scrooge” experience has entered into my life. I should have stepped up and covered the $30.00 which I didn’t. That was a missed opportunity to assist someone else. Mr. Scrooge changed his way of thinking and at the end of the story was willing to assist those who needed help. I felt terrible that the opportunity was missed. I have change my thinking that if possible, I am willing too assist where I can. During this time of the year, the Christmas Spirit is more on our minds than any other time of the year. I want to thank that old couple for helping me rethink my thinking and attribute by looking for the “Ebenezer Scrooge” experience so I can help someone else throughout the year. All I can say, lesson learned this this Christmas season. I am determined to make “The Christmas Spirit” part of my life all year long. This is my best present to me during this difficult year 2020.

Doug Stephens


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