I read in the Standard-Examiner with great disappointment and dismay the decision by the South Ogden City Council to close the Senior Center and sell the property to a developer, presumably for high density housing.

What’s next, selling off the 40th Street park to build storage sheds?

The decision is blatantly shortsighted and dumb.

If the city wants to sell the old city hall, fine, but leave the Senior Center alone.

My mother-in-law was part of the groundbreaking ceremony for the Senior Center some 20 years or so ago, and has volunteered for 25 plus years. It is her main vehicle for socialization and interaction with her neighbors and friends. For her, going to Golden Hours or Washington Terrace is simply not a viable option since she no longer drives. Several other seniors at the center will be affected similarly.

Many Utah cities smaller than South Ogden have senior centers, and to close the center now, even though it is not operating at full capacity, ignores well known aging demographics, including the fact that at least 20 percent of the population in the United States will be 65 or over by 2030.

Obviously public outcry to date did not influence the city council to reconsider their decision and omit the Senior Center from the proposed sale.

I sincerely hope the city council would reconsider their decision to sell the center.

To do otherwise would be a slap in the face to those who are the most vulnerable among us, and essentially throw our senior citizens under the bus.

James N. Jones


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