Sen. Romney, many of us in Utah didn't support your campaign for Senate but you were elected. I am a constituent and as of now I'm willing to give you a chance to really represent the "people" of Utah. All of us. Democrat, Republican and Independent.

My neighbors are feeling the pinch of this manufactured crisis and the resulting shutdown. It must end. Please be the new Maverick of the Senate and tell Mitch to hold votes to reopen the government. Negotiate for border security separate from holding Americans hostage.

Did you swear an oath to a man, a party or to the people that you represent? Will you lead or will you be another GOP sycophant? We're watching Senator.

Please know there is a sense of urgency, at least for my struggling neighbors. Winning is nice, but winning at any and all costs is not American. Please lead to restore integrity and honor to our nation. Thank you for your time.

David DeTorres


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