I am not concerned that Judge Kavanaugh may have been a heavy drinker in high school and college. I am concerned about his list of lies and the Republicans willingness to overlook them in their hurry to confirm a conservative judge before the mid term elections.

According to credible investigations, Kavanaugh’s explanations for yearbook references and his behavior do not hold true with many of his classmates. Even in his initial confirmation hearings, he mischaracterized previous rulings and emails ( according to other sources). His credibility is on the line and he does not appear credible. But almost all our senators, our Utah Senators surely, are committed to his confirmation. In a state that prides itself on its integrity and religious foundations, it continually surprises me when our legislators forget their moral values.

During the initial Kavanaugh hearings I was struck by the repeated dismay Senators expressed at the mess Washington has become. Have they forgotten it is they who have created the mess, and they have the power to start fixing it? Until they vote with their conscience, and truly become representatives of their constituents, things will not improve. Voting against Kavanaugh is a start in correcting the mess.

Patricia Becnel

Pleasant View

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Max Cady

What is wrong with America
We have a congress with an approval rating of 13% but yet we keep reelecting the people who are the problem not the solution

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