Racial sensitivity training is divisive and has promoted anti-American propaganda. I read the article, “The Power of the false dichotomy,” by the assistant vice president for the Diversity Office at Weber State University, Adrienne Andrews; her opinions and facts about Black people and African slaves does not open doors to open, honest and healing communication for all races.

Adrienne as a university employee for the Diversity Department already gives the perception (in my opinion) of bias and possible prejudice for people who could disagree and are not Black or descendants of African slaves.

These racial sensitivity training groups or classes began during the Clinton Administration, in the 1990s. This administration already was creating programs dividing our nation. This administration and its ideology for Race did not work then and still does not work today. Look around us. The Black Lives Matter Movement is living proof for all the years on racial sensitivity training.

President Trump, other minority groups and people know through our own experiences and working closely in minority communities and government entities, we can correctly point out that it has been the universities, foundations, and media who are steeped in their own political and ideology beliefs, what race means to them. This has fairly or unfairly brought our nation where we are today.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter have taken advantage of the Blacks, descendants of African slaves and other races for their ignorance of their American History education beginning with the Constitution, the workings of the Republican and Democratic parties (who were the racists), the Civil War, the ’60s Civil Rights, and infiltration of communists in our government, leading to what is happening today. The problem isn’t race, it’s the racial sensitivity training that has brought us where we are today.

Virginia Hernandez Reza


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