Utah law anticipates that, despite elections every two years, at times the interests of our legislators and the aspirations of a majority of the citizenry will not always properly align. When this happens the citizens have a useful legal recourse. It is called the ballot initiative process.

If 10% of Utah voters sign a legally vetted, appropriate petition, a proposed law will be placed on an election ballot and be voted on. In 2018, three ballot initiatives qualified to be presented to voters, the legalization of medical marijuana, the expansion of Medicaid, and improved redistricting procedures. In November 2018 all three were passed by earning more than 50% “yes” votes.

Yet in a fit of undemocratic arrogance the Legislature has already altered the medicaid and marijuana propositions and is considering changes to the Better Boundaries proposition before it would go into effect directly following the 2020 census.

This legislative abrogation of the popular will require a community response. The group Indivisible Ogden is sponsoring a town hall to discuss both the merits of our recent ballot initiatives as well as the procedures necessary to motivate the legislature to support the mandate of the people. The town hall will include speakers familiar with each of the initiatives and opportunity for audience questions and comments. The town hall will be held at the Weber County Main Library, 2464 Jefferson Ave at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 24. We hope many will attend to have a robust discussion.

Steven Manaster


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