This country was formed on freedom. Our forefathers fought so all of us could be free, from George Washington fighting the English and Abraham Lincoln freeing the slaves to the U.S. fighting Hitler to free the Jewish and resisting Communism — and many more since then.

The amount of men and women putting their lives on the line to protect this country, so that you, the American citizen, can keep that freedom is a great price to pay. But it is that sacrifice they are willing to give to keep us safe and free. The problem that is happening is that if people don't wake up, you will lose that price of freedom.

I don't care if you are a Democrat, Republican or independent, socialism is not what this country was built on. If it were, you would not have the choice to make your own decisions, have freedom of speech, have the choice of health care, all your constitutional rights would be gone, because the government would be in control of it.

They tell you college education would be free — think again. Where do you think the colleges would get their funding from? Nothing is free in this world. Socialized medicine is in Europe and Canada, and their care is covered by paying a percentage in their taxes. So for the young American and those of you who have not done your homework and think that socialism is the choice for our country, is it worth giving up your freedom of choice?

Sandra Fasana

Plain City

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