Biblical accounts suggest that there was a defensive wall surrounding the city of Jericho roughly 8,000 years ago. More recently, the Chinese built several walls, including the Great Wall of China, which may have been built between the 14th and 16th centuries. The communists built a wall in Berlin in the last century and Hitler built walls of barbed wire around cities and “invited” an assortment of religious, cultural, and ethnic groups to go there to die.

What do all these walls have in common? Like the fairytale wall of “Humpty Dumpty,” they all failed to live up to expectations! Walls do not do what walls are expected to do. They are a waste of time and money, and they generally result in evil, unexpected consequences. Those who fail to remember the lessons of history are doomed to relive those historic lessons.

Walls are symbols of defeated, fearful and despotic concepts, and people. In ancient, ignorant cultures, walls were explained as a way to protect the people. Amoral, deceptive concepts, such as protection from invasion. Walls do not do any such thing. Walls are simply symbols of egotism and dishonesty — expensive widow dressings.

We should know better. In an enlightened and informed culture, we should know that a “Border Wall” is nothing more than an attempt to fulfill an inane campaign promise. A symbol of ignorance and ego.

Intelligent, honest politicians, with backbone, would stand up and say, “The king has no clothes.” They would say that building a border wall is an insane, uninformed and dishonest waste of money.

When needed, border protection today calls for electronic surveillance - aircraft, drones, cameras, satellites, and human patrols, not brick and mortar or metal walls and fences.

Adding $5 Billion to the budget of the Department of Homeland Security, would nearly double the budget for border agents included in their 2017 budget.

It is past the time for all informed, ethical political “leaders” to stand up and speak-out against the insane, ego boosting, campaign-driven, diatribe of building a border wall. Stop the insane blackmail, the extortion!

Doug Manifold

South Ogden

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