I feel lucky to be in Utah where our leaders are proactive and honest about the coronavirus. But they cannot do it alone and need the federal government to take control, yet President Trump has been slow to respond. He needs to take the advice of experts while there is still an opportunity to ease the spread of this virus. (WHO predicts the U.S. could be the next epicenter.) One expert, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, vice provost of global initiatives at the University of Pennsylvania, wrote an opinion piece in the New York Times offering these steps:

  • Be honest with the public
  • Model and require social distancing
  • Order the closing of all schools and nonessential businesses
  • Impose a shelter in place policy
  • Increase the manufacture of tests, ventilators and essential equipment
  • Use the National Guard, etc. to construct testing sites and treatment centers away from hospitals
  • Order hospitals to postpone elective surgeries and to call retired professionals to work (if essential safety equipment and tests can assure their safety)
  • Offer financial incentives for businesses to retain employees, and support small businesses
  • Create jobs for unemployed people to work as test takers, etc.

In Dr. Emanuel’s words, “We have already lost valuable months. These measures, only a start, will bring out the best in Americans by giving them direction and opportunities to contribute in the war against COVID-19.” The president has begun. Urge our (quarantined) senators to fully push for these policies.

Patricia Becnel


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