"We will all get through this together." "Things will be better than ever when we get back on track." What we hear everywhere is the spirit of business advertising, political sleight of hand and religious status quo. But a well-educated mind knows things are in a real dither.

One sentiment we don't hear much anymore is, "We will learn from our mistakes." That is because the powers that be won't admit making any mistakes. And we don't hear that nifty phrase, "All is well," much lately. That's because ... duh!!

It's the American way to be optimistic, to be the little train that could. But Americans have withdrawn from civic participation for decades now. Instead, we entertain ourselves a lot. Many of us want immunity from government control of any of our actions. What has happened to our brains?

Think about the Wasatch Front. First, an opioid epidemic. Then, fires eating up our hillsides. Next, our people dividing into two opposing impeachment camps. Today, a pandemic and just for chuckles, a long-lasting series of earthquakes. Now, too, it seems UFOs are starting to get seriously interested in the planet. Do they think we are ripe for the plucking?

Maybe we need to revise our happy, Pollyanna ideologies. Maybe we need to do some serious study of history, so we don't have to repeat it.

Oops ... we are already repeating it. When will the people and their leaders get a grip?

Robert Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross

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