I must thank Mr. John Reynolds for his letter highlighting the plight of those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Unfortunately, I am badly infected! Since 2016, we have learned that DJT is good at many things. Before he took office, we learned he was good at: immorality (sex with porn stars), cheating (on his wife and contractors), and fraud (Trump University).

Since the election, we have learned that DJT is best at: lying, denying, blaming, name calling, bragging and bullying. How do we know? The “fake news” publishes and broadcasts everything the President says and does!

His handling of the pandemic is just the latest example. We were told: it was “under control” (it wasn’t), the number of cases would soon “go down to zero” (now approaching one million), it would “go away” when the “weather warms up” (it won’t), the U.S. response is “better than anyone’s” (it’s not), and that it is “no worse than a bad case of the flu” (after 50,000 deaths, survivors tell us it is WAY worse than the flu!). And, oh yes, if we could ingest “disinfectant” or an “ultraviolet light” we might be able to beat it that way (we won’t!).

I keep waiting for something “praiseworthy or of good report” from this president, but it appears the wait will be in vain. On the positive side, he provided a massive tax cut for the wealthy. But otherwise, he appears to be the most dishonest, openly corrupt and incompetent president ever!

Don Gardner


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