It's always interesting how many out-of-state Super PACs you never heard of pop up to send nasty-grams at election race time. Now we're getting accusations from Greenwood Village, Colorado, against Jon Hunstman branding him as evil because he established a 15 year plan for Utah's growth then resigned public service as governor to accept a public service position as ambassador for the United States to two different nations. The attack says he "chose to leave Utah and work for his pals Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton" because he was called to be ambassador by the President of the United States and served under the State Department ... and did an excellent job.

Then there's the accusation against Blake Moore by a Super PAC in Alexandria, Virginia, claiming that "Democrats are meddling in our Utah primary," which is really funny, considering an out-of-state group is doing the same thing.

Look up the information readily available about any of these accusers, and let the information help you decide how much weight to give their defamation.

I don't care who you vote for in the upcoming primaries or elections, but I would hope you do a little research before you make your decisions. Without considering the option we have in Article V of the U.S. Constitution, voting is the only weapon the American citizen has to get the representation he or she wants.

John Brockbank

West Haven

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