When I was a child of 9 I received a large erector set for Christmas. It provided much fun and education for myself and friends that came over. We would work together to create tractors and cranes and whatever else we could imagine. I met a new kid at school and invited him over to play. Bu the time he left my erector set was in complete disarray. Screws and nuts, rails and angles were everywhere. The electric motor gearbox jammed and even the box lid was bent. I thought it would take forever to make it right again but in time I had it back in order though with some bent and useless pieces. I don’t think I ever saw that kid again and I don’t think he made a change in my creative processes or that the interlude with him did anything more than educate me on who I should and shouldn’t invite into my home. What we have here is sort of the same situation.

It seems like deja vu all over again. But this time it will take more than one person to put it back together. We all have a job to do as citizens in a democratic society. What can we the people do now to support each other as we fight to survive COVID-19. Do we still have the determination and quality of sacrifice that once made this nation great?

Larry Whitnack


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