By way of introduction, we are Gil & Sherrie Craig longtime residents of Ogden, owning a home here for over 50 years and have raised our family of 6 in various Ogden City Schools. We have known Sue Ann Burton and her family for over 25 years. We have watched her raise a very successful family during this time. We support Sue Ann as we firmly recognize her educational background as a school teacher herself, and core values as a citizen of this community, also mother of a large thriving family. We know that she will follow the governing rules and values of Ogden City Schools while being an independent thinker in helping develop children to be honorable, well educated and successful citizens.

She has clearly demonstrated by her regular attendance in School Board Meetings and Work Sessions for almost 5 years that she will be a sound advocate for looking out for what is best on behalf of all students. She has also been a regular volunteer in the schools her children have attended, always interested in forward thinking to keep up with the changing times.

We most heartily endorse Sue Ann Burton to represent Ogden City Schools in District 5.

Gil and Sherrie Craig


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