This summer several other Spanish colonial families and I had data changed due to someone's hate on LDS run Family Search. Suddenly I could not find my third great grandmother and information had been changed. My great grandfather Juan Manual Montoya was suddenly twenty years older, born in Texas and baptized in Taos when we had the real information. His wife had the nickname of "Barbara" and her parents' names were altered and I could no longer find grandma Baca.

At first I thought this was someone that didn't know how to do genealogy properly until I started to ask friends on a Facebook group and they had experienced problems too. I believe this was an attack of hate just because I have a Spanish last name. My family entered New Mexico on April 30, 1598. We have been here 400 years and the Montoyas were one of the first to settle Colorado.

I am deeply offended someone would spit on a family from Abiquiu, New Mexico! After all the last witch trials of this country happened there in 1766 and it was a slave trade town of native Americans, which I am a descendant of on another side. It is now known as Georgia O'Keeffe country, and the Martinez house she bought was of my family. Now I have to spend a whole day putting the correct information back on my proud and noble family tree: one that reaches the royalty of Portugal and beyond. I'm just not a name, I am a legacy!

Kim Angelee Montoya


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