Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on higher education. Colleges and universities have worked tirelessly all summer to put together plans for reopening this fall. Many had planned a hybrid approach, but a growing number of classes have reversed course and have opted for fully remote teaching, using programs like Google Hangouts, Zoom, and other tech tools. While no one denies that face-to-face meetings offer fundamental benefits, in times like this, I am impressed how technology and virtual classes have allowed me to continue my college education.

America has been the core of innovation that the whole world has benefited from. Without the ability of leaders like Google, Zoom, and other tech companies who have expanded services to millions of students and professors, it’s hard to imagine what education would look like. The tech industry is providing a huge advantage to society right now and our politicians should recognize that and stop antitrust investigations. Elected leaders need to stop using U.S. tech companies as a punching bag and let them continue helping us through this difficult time.

Zoie Raybon


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