It took a lot of courage to speak out about Trump’s behavior. I’m extremely proud of Sen. Romney for putting our country over party and supporting our Constitution and democracy. Trump is a habitual liar and conspiracy theorist at its best. Sen. Romney showed his moral and ethical value to our country where Trump has none. There is no question where Trump’s loyalty stands: to support dictators while he destroys American citizens, FBI, intel, ambassadors, politicians and whoever gets in his way. Trump works in secrecy with communist countries, especially Putin. He is not transparent, only when it benefits him. He hides communications with foreign countries. If you read the Mueller report, it did not exonerate the president. Mueller’s report indicated that his investigation was hampered by people who were not truthful and destroyed evidence.

The Biden situation has already been investigated with no wrong doing. It is obvious he’s picked on Biden because he has been the front runner for Democrats. When a president and his administration continue to obstruct justice and avoid subpoenas, it surely makes them look guilty. Our democracy and rule of law is being abused by a president who has said he wants an authoritarian government and rule for life. He has alluded he will not leave if he is not reelected. It is time for him to be impeached. Do the American people really want foreign interference in their elections? If we allow Trump to use foreign influence, will it open the flood gates for all politicians? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Americans should stop this before it becomes acceptable. Congratulations to Sen. Romney; it took courage to stand up for our country. His actions, while standing alone shows a strong character of what is right.

Pam Wixom

West Haven

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