Recently my car was stolen from a Riverdale repair shop. I submitted a report to Riverdale Police officer Luigie Panunzio. He and I returned to the shop and reviewed the security camera film. Officer Panunzio instantly recognized the perpetrator. An all points bulletin (APB) was distributed to law enforcement. The incident occurred at 5:30am and at 5:30pm Riverdale Police notified me the car had been recovered, the perpetrator arrested and the car was available to be picked up. As it turns out the Highway Patrol, Weber County Sheriff’s Office and Riverdale Police were all involved in locating our car and apprehending the perpetrator. This is a prime example of how law enforcement works together in solving crimes. As a former mayor I worked with law enforcement in many different capacities including ten years on the State Police Officers Standards and Training (POST). Today there’s a lot of criticism of our law enforcement. I’m thankful we have them and appreciate the outstanding jobs they do. I think we should be praising our law enforcement instead of criticizing them. Now is not the time to consider defunding the police.

Ben Jones


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