I used to look forward to Mark Saal’s weekly humor columns. They were creative, refreshing and funny. I find that his political commentary often sounds like a rehash of CNN talking points.

In his border wall column (Jan. 20) he claims that politicians’ one simple task is to “run the government.” I always thought that the federal government’s foremost task was to keep its citizens safe, not run government for the sake of government.

Saal declares as “fact” (that) “A wall is a stupid outdated concept in 2019.” I don’t have a journalism degree, but that sounds more like an opinion to me.

Last week my border patrol agent son called to wish me happy birthday. He was on his way home from an extended day of work. When I asked how his family was surviving the shutdown, he thanked me for teaching him how to save money, said he was glad he had an elk in the freezer, and expressed gratitude for the generous food donations from businesses and individuals to agents in his sector. I asked him what he thought of the wall, and he told me emphatically that they really need it. There is much less traffic, chaos, and danger where border wall sections exist he said. Our conversation was cut short as a voice came over his radio, apparently calling him back to work.

He has patrolled the border for over a decade and dealt with the cartel, drug dealers, traffickers, coyotes, and many innocent, exploited victims. He stood honor guard, protecting the home and family of a fallen agent. He has seen a lot of ugliness and I suspect protected his mother from hearing the worst of it. But through it all his greatest concern has been for the integrity of our border, the sovereignty of our country and the safety of its citizens.

I wish those running our government had the same priorities.

Melanee Berger

North Ogden

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