Thoughts and questions about the boarder wall:

Is the wall an example of infrastructure?

Does it, the wall, last longer than a tank of gas for a truck or a month's worth of gas?

Does the wall last longer than a month's pay for a boarder patrol agent?

Does it last longer than the constant labor of a drone operator?

What other expenses could be reduced or shifted to other areas of the boarder? Maybe it's not passing out hundreds of gallons of water and lunches to those people who should not be there.

After the wall is in place, and only then, can cameras and electronic surveillance do a meaningful job to reduce expenses.

The wall brings the immigrant people to the right locations to enter the U.S. — not illegally, but legally, which is the right way to enter.

I believe the infrastructure wall could be and should be part of every infrastructure bill in the future until all the important parts are completed — at least some percentage along with roads, bridges, water systems and clean energy.

That way nothing stops. Everything moves forward. All areas get covered. So it's hard for the Dems to deny bringing good bills forward for the good of all people.

Please share this with all who are interested.

Kerry L. Robinson


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