I want to express my appreciation to all those that set aside their personal lives to run for public office this year. I am extremely proud of my Democratic running mates, as the political landscape is a challenging one. It is not easy for an individual to allot time and money to compete in system that is already so heavily gamed. I believe that their honest desire to offer alternate ideas to improve the lives of people they have never met is prime. These individuals were willing to wear a mask when others refused to show concern for health of their neighbors. These candidates committed to care about the less fortunate, listen to those who had gone unheard, and give a voice to ALL citizens. I hope that the Representatives that we are returning to the Legislature this cycle will remember where they fell short and make the effort to do better. Representation and accountability need to become fashionable once more, as Citizen Petitions and Ballot Referendums are not the way to effectively govern.

Kerry Wayne


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