The so-called "Border Wall" is not only dumb, it is totally ridiculous. Illegal entries will simply seek other areas of free access.

  • Surrounding our U.S. are literally thousands of miles of un-policed open borders.
  • Our state of Alaska alone has more border miles than the entire lower USA. All one has to do is enter any of those miles, proceed to the nearest airport, buy a ticket/fly anywhere in the U.S. and false ID is readily available.
  • The border of Canada/U.S. is for the most part open to foot traffic. Even the wild animals migrate. It's an easy entry with little attention to foot traffic … in some cases a single city or town actually straddles both sides of the border.
  • Our Atlantic Coast, with the exception of some major cities, is open to almost any sort of landing.
  • The east coast of Florida is an almost "come to me" landing area … might even be considered "friendly."
  • Remember the Cubans?
  • The entire Gulf Coast, with very few exceptions, contains more "mouse" holes for landings than almost any other coastal area.
  • The Pacific Coast of the United States offers literally hundreds and hundreds of miles of un-policed landing areas.
  • And on and on … this whole thing is simply a disjointed/idiotic/effort by the current President of the United States to prove his power, prove his strength and mostly to satisfy his ego. A border wall with Mexico will simply be circumvented by any number of means.
  • To even begin to stop the flow of "illegals" using an idiotic "wall" is a lost war before it begins. Ours is an open border country for gosh sakes.
  • The only "real way" of stopping the illegals is to deny public services and/or prosecute the employers. And it is my guess that a major number of the Trump hotels enjoy excellent relations with the illegals, wanna bet?

Let's bear in mind that the President of the United States is not the King of the United States.

Jim Morkin

Uintah City

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