After watching most of the “impeachment inquiry” broadcast on television, my takeaway is the same as that expressed by Utah Rep. Chris Stewart. He asked the direct question to witnesses at the inquiry, and both acting Ambassador Thomas and the former Ambassador to the Ukraine answered plainly, that there was no crime committed by the president. The diplomats had “concerns” because they did not like the manner and approach of the president in foreign affairs, their domain. But no crime was committed by the president in his approach. The very political aspirations of the Democratic Party leaders to oust our elected president shows they are not loyal to country but to their own political agendas, and they are more than willing to divide the nation and wreck havoc in Washington in pursuit of their goals.

It was pointed out that President Trump has done far more to help the Ukrainians in their effort to establish themselves as a free and independent nation than President Obama ever did, yet ignoring that the Democrats continue to pound Trump in accusing him of withholding aid to them. The diplomats admitted Trump has done far more than Obama to promote independence of Ukraine from Russia, yet would impeach him for not doing more. Absurd. The president’s behavior, tweets, etc. may seem outlandish, even perverse at times. That is not an impeachable offense. I support the rule of law, and oppose those who seek impeachment of the president merely because they don’t like him. He gets the job done, of strengthening America, protecting her citizens, enforcing laws and law enforcement agencies, and perhaps most important of all to me, of religious freedom for all.

Darrel R. Thompson


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