In response to Mr. Butts on global warming: There are a host of pressing concerns, but many of them are exacerbated by climate change. One is immigration. People move when they are no longer able to subsist as farmers due to a lack of rain. Our own farmers and ranchers are suffering from weather related (and tariff) events, threatening our food supply. The air in Utah is some of the worst in the country, resulting in an increase of asthma and other related illnesses. Though Utah is exempt from the ravages of hurricanes, and tornadoes (usually), we experience the effects of forest fires and receding water supplies. Global warming impacts our daily lives and we cannot wait to address it.

You also state that since the US makes up only 5% of the world’s population, we should not be accountable for climate changes. However, America, the third most populated country, is one of the top contributors of CO2. While China and India are meeting goals set by the Paris Climate Accord, America has withdrawn. China is poised to take the lead on climate, focusing on alternative sources of transportation and power, (Yes, they still support coal fired plants and have a long way to go in reducing pollutants) while Trump is lowering regulations that protect us. Americans have a responsibility to mitigate our impact, especially when we produce more emissions than larger countries.

The most important thing we can do is vote for leaders who will address global warming.

Patricia Becnel


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