Citizens have a big decision to make. Are we a nation of "I" or a nation of "We"? Currently the nation has become a libertarian culture of "I", an Ayn Rand greed-driven, me first society where the top 1% owns 20% of the nation's wealth, and the bottom 20% live in abject poverty. And lacking social mobility may remain trapped in the world of their birth.

A nation of "We" has a high level of social mobility where government of, by, and for the people celebrates freedom, justice and equality for all. By its very nature democracy is a "We" form of government. "We" forms the basic core of every world religion.

Freedom and wealth for the few is the result of the current Republican "I" agenda. The Democratic Party, the party of "We", is committed to sharing the nation's bounty and caring for the sick.

So what is our choice? Enduring the inequality of an "I" society, or a "We" community that shares and cares, including everyone? "I" leads to hedonism, "We" leads to good citizenship. "I" threatens the planet. Only "We" can save it.

Ron Molen

Salt Lake City

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