Just my opinion on the proposal to restructure the tax system in Utah:

It seems, as I recall, that we ended 2018 with a surplus in the range of $500 million-$750 million.

During the 2018 FY, the Legislature authorized a bond in the amount of $1 billion dollars for transportation infrastructure. The majority of this money went to Utah County for a small stretch of I-15 (which was just completely torn out, redesigned and rebuilt at a cost of $2.5 billion).

To begin a sales tax on services is going to be a detriment to those older and retired citizens of Utah. Reason(s): As we get older we still buy the same amount of groceries and goods. We also, because of age-related issues have to contract for work on our personal properties that we used to be able to take care of ourselves when we were younger and more physically able.

Every year the Legislature comes up with new ways, bills, laws, programs, etc. to spend tax dollars. Just go back to the 2019 session, research the new bills that were passed and required funding. Millions of dollars that were added to the tax burden to the Utah citizens.

Larry Clark


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