The Republican Party just put the final nail in their own coffin.

Seventy-five to 80% of Americans wanted to see a fair impeachment trial. It was the most sickening display of covering up corruption and saying that now the president, any president, can do whatever they want.

He said that if I didn't agree with him that I was a sub-human scum. That is what our country has become.

What is really scary is that now our Utah politicians are acting the same way. Covering up, lying and meeting behind closed doors. Giving millions and millions as tax incentives and then raising our taxes.

None of them know what it is like to live payday to payday and to be constantly stressed about keeping up with basic daily needs or to have your insurance taken away.

I have personally been very depressed, and it is going to continue.

I do not want to learn Russian.

Arline Keeling


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