The September 29 presidential debacle

I was shocked at the terrible excuse for a debate last week. Either President Trump was not told what a Debate is and the rules of etiquette that go with a debate or does not understand. Perhaps he simply does not care. He conducted himself like a drunk in a bar brawl. His interruptions were totally immature and highly reminiscent of a spoiled two-year-old’s tantrum wanting to get his way. That might be an insult to the child. In addition, his debating and arguing with the moderator would disqualify him from any High School Debate.

It is too bad that Vice President Biden was drawn into the brawl at times. He did get a few chances to face the camera and tell watchers what he plans for America if elected. Even these moments were spattered with interruptions in the background by President Trump. I’m sure that our adversaries were very pleased with what they saw. However, it appears that the TV people commenting afterward were shocked, and groups of undecided voters watching in various cities were dismayed and totally disappointed.

Paul Joines

South Ogden

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